About Us

Bella Sabatina Tea Shoppe was opened in July 2014 by Mrs. Raizy Sekula after spending twenty one years as an elementary school principal. Looking to change her career course, she turned in the direction of the tea industry. With a newfound passion for tea, Raizy studied and researched teas and the tea business and discovered that most tea shops were carrying and promoting only their own products. Determined to create a shop where the consumer would have the opportunity to enjoy, learn about, and buy teas and tea ware from the multitude of importers, suppliers, and tea blenders nationwide, she opened Bella Sabatina Tea Shoppe.

Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process of choosing tea, educating the consumer on the process of brewing, steeping, and ultimately enjoying the tea that’s just right for you. This represents a new concept in the pleasurable tea experience bringing you handpicked teas from the best companies all in one beautiful upscale location.